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Pet owners are committed to giving their pet access to the very best care, and we love living up to that standard. At our Kansas City veterinary clinic, our team is committed to giving pet owners access to all the resources that they need to supplement that care. Owners (and pets) can feel confident in the care they’ll receive at Meadowbrook Animal Hospital, and confident in the support available to them after each appointment. We strive to be transparent in our policies, helpful in answering questions and discussing concerns, and dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience. Dr. Bowers and her staff are happy to share their knowledge with pet owners to give animals the best quality of life.

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Meadowbrook Animal Hospital Policies

Some animals are more anxious than others when it comes to visiting the vet. For the safety and comfort-level of all animals that visit our office, we ask that all animals be either leashed or in a carrier when they enter the pet clinic. Please also be advised that payment is due when services are rendered. Payment options are explained further below. We want your next visit to go as smoothly as possible, so if you have any questions or concerns, call our office and we can advise you on how to prepare for your appointment.


Our first objective at Meadowbrook Animal Hospital is to provide your pet with the care they need, but we know that convenience and flexibility are important to you as well. There are financing options available to you so that you can give your pet excellent care while staying within your budget. Please call our Kansas City Veterinary clinic with questions on your bill and our team will be happy to assist you.

Pre-Op and Post-Op Instructions

Pets don’t always make the best patients when it comes to taking it easy after surgery. That’s why we want to set clear expectations for owners in order to prepare for surgery at our pet clinic and to care for their pet at home post-surgery. Below you’ll find instructions to follow prior to surgery as well as instructions and vet-provided tips that will promote healing afterward. Dr. Bowers will walk you through your pet’s surgery every step of the way, but having some reminders at home is helpful for many of our pet owners.